Throughout the year of the pandemic CK Cars has been working hard to see what we can improve on. We have been busy doing The Guild Of Professional Chauffeurs new E-learning course, terrorist training and a new one to us all…. preventing Covid – 19!

Guild Of Professional Chauffeurs

Let’s start with the Guild Of Professional Chauffeurs. GOPC is a unique organisation and the first of its kind in the U.K. It has been set up by chauffeurs for chauffeurs with an aim to raise industry standards. We are proud to now be a part of this group. Look out for a new blog about the differences between a chauffeur and a taxi service!

Terrorist Training

The terrorist training is understanding what terrorism is and being able to identify security vulnerabilities. When and where we might find this and if we do, what do we need to do to keep YOU as safe as we can. As we are frequently in airports and train stations we are regularly at potential hotspots for terrorist activities so it’s good to know what signs to look for. We clearly hope that we will never need to put the training to use in a real situation but fully prepared if we do!

Covid – 19

Who would have thought in this day and age that we would need (or be better) to have training for a pandemic! This was a pretty standard training exercise as most of it is common sense but it helped us to put steps into place to help prevent anything being passed on whilst travelling with CK Cars. The steps we have put into place is sanitising before and after including luggage. Hand sanitiser in all vehicles, with complementary tissues and refreshments. The all important one…. everybody (unless medically exempt) wears a mask for the duration of the travel. We also carry face masks just incase any are misplaced. Once the passenger has exited the vehicle a thorough antibacterial wipe down on all touch points.