Last bank holiday weekend we had been given the opportunity to test out the Mercedes EQV. We are starting to look at ways we can update the fleet but stick with electric. The Mercedes EQV was a lovely spacious vehicle with full leather interior, that seemed to glide over the road. Mercedes say it can do up to 213 miles on a full charge, we used 90% and did 143 miles. This was giving us a range of approx 160 miles on a full charge. The style is similar to a V Class and is Executive enough to use for chauffeuring but…..

The self drive was nothing like the Tesla Model 3, the harsh braking nearly gave us all whiplash! And the chargers, this seems to be the biggest problem alongside not having enough range for what we need. Chris went on a run to Cowbridge (Near Cardiff) and after 143 miles it had used 90% of its battery. It took going to 4 chargers to finally get one to work (by this time just 4% remaining!) and it was going to take nearly 3 hours to charge. It’s not something we really think about with the Tesla as their Supercharging network has so many locations, all with multiple chargers, very reliable and charges in a fraction of the time.

Overall the EQV, in its current specification, is regrettably not a vehicle that is suitable for our needs. We will be constantly reviewing this as more chargers are being installed every day now and the range of vehicles is going up all the time.

Nice car but just not right for us